A collection of poems written by Rabindranath Tagore for which he won a Nobel Prize for Literature. Its central theme is devotion, and its motto is ‘I am here to sing thee songs.’

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We Are One

Trust is my name Faith is my name Surrender is for you to be. The love I feel, the heartbeat I hear is yours dear one. I embrace your spirit I love your being I know your every breath. For I created you just as I created life. Just as the acorn that becomes theContinue reading “We Are One”

Guide Her Back to Me

Today the teenager daugther of a friend cried for help by swallowing too many pills. She is being supported at the hospital and is recovering well. Can I give a message to the family TéO? Sarah has much to accomplish before she finds her way to me. She is not ready to be received. SheContinue reading “Guide Her Back to Me”


Death is simply the start of a new phase. The soul has completed its lessons in this lifetime and needs to recycle that body back so that it can adorn a new wrapper; a new body, and transcend to be that much closer to the Divine. To be closer to not having to receive lifeContinue reading “Death”

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