A collection of poems written by Rabindranath Tagore for which he won a Nobel Prize for Literature. Its central theme is devotion, and its motto is ‘I am here to sing thee songs.’

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Your Timing

I trust in your time I give myself to you. You know what I need. You know when. The pace I set doesn’t work, the work I do is frenetic. With your hand at the base of my spine propelling me at the right pace the right things. Your time, not my time. This isContinue reading “Your Timing”

On Sleep and Success

What came up for me is around my habits and behavior. TéO help me understand why I’m sleeping more and not able to wake up as I usually would at 5am. I also feel like I’m not maintaining good habits. TéO: It is in the sleep state that you leave your physical body and areContinue reading “On Sleep and Success”

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