We Are One

Trust is my name Faith is my name Surrender is for you to be. The love I feel, the heartbeat I hear is yours dear one. I embrace your spirit I love your being I know your every breath. For I created you just as I created life. Just as the acorn that becomes the oak your essence becomes you. You are the masterpiece of My doing. You are perfect as you are. For how can I create anything less than perfection. In the love that you feel…

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Guide Her Back to Me

Today the teenager daugther of a friend cried for help by swallowing too many pills. She is being supported at the hospital and is recovering well. Can I give a message to the family TéO? Sarah has much to accomplish before she finds her way to me. She is not ready to be received. She is conflicted, she strives to be normal, to be one of her peers, but she recognizes that she is unique and sees this as a burden instead of a gift. She is a…

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Death is simply the start of a new phase. The soul has completed its lessons in this lifetime and needs to recycle that body back so that it can adorn a new wrapper; a new body, and transcend to be that much closer to the Divine. To be closer to not having to receive life lessons for growth. Death is again something that human beings fear due to attachment. If there is no attachment there is no fear of loss. If there is absolute love then that love…

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A Rent In The Fabric

I have these words in my head…”there’s a rent in the fabric…i can see through…” what does this mean TéO? TéO: remember all is for your wellbeing. Things happen for you, not to you. When you are complete accepting of this; when you recognize this as a surety, you are able to easily start to see things as they are. The rent in the fabric is the removal of the film from your vision- it is a peephole at the moment – where you see things as they…

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Your children picked you to guide them in this lifetime as they navigate the lessons they are meant to learn. Do not try and prevent them from the lessons, just protect and love them. Support them and try to not impose too strongly your own filters and prejudices. Allow them to retain an open mind. Do not make them in the image of yourself. Allow them to remain in my image. See me through their eyes, learn what they must teach you so that you can continue to…

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Boundaries keep you safe – just as you have the boundary of your home within which you have sense of security and you are able to drop your guard, so too must you maintain emotional and energetic boundaries. Emotional boundaries allow you to teach people how you would like to be treated; professionally and personally and no one gets to cross those. You may have different thresholds for different people of your life. Energetic boundaries are to help you to maintain harmony in your physical and spiritual life.…

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The Only Way Is Through

Yesterday I was sitting at a restaurant with a colleague and across from me was this little bundle of love aged 6 months. She had the most extraordinary face and smile. She kept catching my attention with her smile and smiled at me so much and so broadly that her mother and her friend looked around to see who she was smiling at. ME! TéO why was she smiling at me so much? I was so distracted from my own conversation- I couldn’t help but keep staring and…

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Yahweh – Your Way

Yahweh is a reminder for you that it is My Way. That you are who and how you are because I created you to be this way. You are my perfection, my masterpiece creation. Yahweh is to remind you that I do not create anything but perfection. When you criticize yourself, or self deprecate, or put yourself down, my heart hurts. You are saying that you don’t see my creation as I see you. Perfection in every way. TéO We human beings have decided that we are the…

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I hear your heartbeat in me. I hear your footstep I feel the rhythm of your voice in my soul. Your love Your heart You My breath my heart my soul You Show me the way to keep this sacred rhythm alive. Teach me to love me so that I can love your creation. Me. You are the Master Drummer. My heart beats to the rhythm You set. But my body forgets. My mind wanders far afield. Only when I listen with quiet ears only when I slow…

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Trust Your Breath

It is my exhale that created you; you are my masterpiece creation. The Yin and the Yang refer to the harmony of the inhale and exhale, and it is here where it would behoove you to spend some time. Learn about YOUR particular breath, understand the rhythm of your breath, your heart and your pulse. These are all interlinked and your CenterPoint. Your main area of focus. Humans don’t spend nearly enough time focused on their breath and this causes immeasurable problems, both physical and emotional. If you…

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There Is No Separation 

This was an extraordinary day. I went for a run and along the way I had this amazing realization… …you are one with us, that you don’t have to access us or hope that we are present. We are you. So the thoughts you think, the words you speak and the actions you embark on are all directly you and us. The gap that you spoke of, was indeed the gap between the gap; the one where you felt separate from us, where you had to wait till…

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Asking for Someone Else

I have a friend who needed help. Help that I was beyond being able to give. I wanted guidance on what I might say to truly offer support. And so I asked… TéO Can I ask you about Bob? Why did he cry when he started reading the book Yamas and Niyamas? TéO: His soul has been straining to be heard and seen, and in taking up this book, those were tears of relief cried by his soul. It was an involuntary response because that was his souls…

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Breath of Life

I am with you all day everyday and there is no better way for you to remember me than by remembering this; when you breathe, you are in my arms, held, protected and secure. From here, everything you do, be and have originates. Your breathing is the very first of my love for you. This is how I make you an extension of me. Your inhale is my exhale and your exhale is my inhale. We can never be separated because your very presence is the expression of…

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Surrender is not giving up. Rather it is allowing yourself to be led by God so that you can be called up on to fulfill your role in this lifetime. We think we know what we should do; this life teaches us to strive, aspire, plan, achieve and accomplish, but what if, instead of always pushing, we created space to allow our aspirations to be either blown up 10-fold or completely challenged because God has other plans for us? Surrender is recognizing that the lower mind or ego…

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Svadhyaya – Self-Study

Self-awareness is the first step toward freedom from the chains of the ego. The ego’s job is to identify self but it takes over and tries to control the Self; to make everything about you. It is why instead of feeling emotions you take ownership of emotions. So instead of ‘I feel sad,’ or ‘I feel happy,’ you say ‘I am sad,’ or ‘I am happy.’ Even when you are unwell, instead of ‘I feel sick,’ you say ‘I am sick.’ The body is separate from the soul.…

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The Potter’s Wheel and Kintsugi

Recently I participated in a really profound meditation facilitated by Abundant Joy Wellness Spiritual Director Hope Stockman. She had us look at pictures of Japanese Broken Pottery Art (Kintsugi). Q: TéO, tell me about the vision you showed me during meditation last Tuesday when Hope showed the pictures of the beautiful broken pottery that had been fixed with gold leaf. I saw that I was at the Potter’s Wheel, but I wasn’t alone. As my hands molded the clay, I felt another pair of hands guiding me, guiding…

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Tapasya is walking through fire – it is God checking the winds and creating a planned burn to allow for new life. Everything worthwhile has been forged in the fire of life. You have worked for everything you have. Your blood, sweat and tears are mingled into this life you are building; the roof over your head, the place you occupy in the world and the community you serve. Life is nothing compared to what you expected it to be. How could it? We have such limited capacity…

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Self Discipline

Discipline of self is perhaps the hardest and best thing you can do for yourself. Being able to deprive yourself of momentary pleasure to receive a lifetime of joy and bliss is something most people are not willing to abide by. We live in a society where we want instant gratification but that isn’t always the way. In fact that is never the way. Nothing worthwhile ever comes immediately. Seeds planted need time to grow before they become plants and trees. Birth, education, relationships all take time and…

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Inner Voice

The inner voice that lives with you, the one that talks in whispers and nudges – that is the one that rises you up for your greatest good. Learn to listen with quiet ears. Truly listen to the guidance within you, and then be so bold and brave as to act on it. That voice never yells, it never screams and it never causes you to do anything but good – for you and those around you. It will challenge you, it will push you outside your comfort…

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Saucha – Purity

Saucha or Purity is a deep inner cleansing – like taking a bottle brush to your mind and getting all the gunk that is stuck in the little nooks and crannies out. And like any detox it will manifest in different ways; physically, emotionally and mentally. The key is to sit with the emotions, allow them to wash over you, but release them so they don’t engulf you. Surrender them to God so that you can be free of the mental shackles that you bind yourself with. Give…

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Satya – Truth

Be true to yourself. This is the only way to live in alignment with God and fulfill your Soul’s purpose. This is how you first leave the Divine for this human lifetime – with those words. No child is born with the knowledge or ability to lie. That is a learned behavior, often learned through the parents in unexpected ways. Instead of being honest with our kids, we make up what we think are more digestible reasons for why we need to, or don’t want them to do…

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Aparigraha – Nonpossessiveness

In reading about non possessiveness I feel that this is what I have been experiencing. That I am to release things, but also memories. I feel like this is why I don’t have a lot of recollections of my past. As though I’ve forgotten memories. You have me surrender these memories because they are not needed for this point in your life. They serve no purpose for you at this moment. The memories and thoughts you need when you truly surrender are made available as you need them.…

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Stillness, Silence and Presence

My heart is overflowing love right now. This is my heart chakra open. This is what it feels like. Your work of self, the work to be present, be here, be connected so deeply and intimately is giving you a taste of what life can be like. Life is deeply rich and you don’t have to do anything to activate those riches except to be committed to your practice of self-love and maintain your connection to us. You spend time with us and we will take care of…

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Brahmacharya – Nonexcess

Rest- sleep till you wake Eat to satiate Drink companionably Play for your youthfulness And love like you love Me. Nourish your heart, body, mind and spirit as if this was your first priority. And the world will reap the rewards of your work.

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