Spiritual Being/Human Existence 

In my writing this morning, this is the message I received. I think that most of us forget that we are here to have a human experience and are in fact spiritual beings to begin with. It appears that being human is indeed what brings us closer to God. 

You are loved very deeply. We are watching over you with a lot of love and care and wish you to know that everything you do is cared for, carefully considered and orchestrated perfectly. Imperfection included because that is a part of your humanness. However you are settling more into being a spiritual being. Recognize that you are here to have the human experiences that provide your soul with that growth it needs to migrate to the next level of existence- to get that much closer to God. – TéO

Published by Niki Chopra Richardson

TéO is my name for God. But it is also interchangeable with my my guardian angels who send me messages, answer my questions and often take over my writing. This explains italics, pull quotes, headers and tense person changes. I’ve attempted to differentiate Their thoughts and words from mine. Learning to Let Go and Let Go(d). Trusting Surrender.

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