Yesterday i met my sister. She’s not my sister in this lifetime, but in another lifetime she was. We met and had an instant connection. We spent 90 minutes talking nonstop about our lives. This was us in an effort to catch up in this lifetime.

She’s Argentinian.

I’m Indian.

I want to share my conversation with TéO so you see why i came to this conclusion.

I’m constantly blown away by the words that pour through my pen onto paper. Sometimes so fast that my hands can’t keep up and it’s often challenging to make sense of what’s on the page. This is my best guess at deciphering a handwriting that is by no means mine…


TéO thank you for the introduction to Mariella yesterday. It feels like she’s someone I’ve known before. We talked without missing a beat: we talked about you, her life, her father and brother and it felt like i was catching up after a long absence. What are you trying to tell me about her? Why did we meet yesterday? How did we know each other from before?

You and she were sisters in another time. You were very close. You lived in the area which is now the Middle East. Her dad was your brother; it’s why you recognized him. He thought his role was to protect you both, but rather you both protected him.

TéO how long ago was this?

Beginning of time. You were just starting your human consciousness.

TéO what did we do?

You were healers. You traveled through settlements helping people heal.

TéO what are we meant to do/know about each other in this lifetime?

Help heal hurt. Love heals. This is your collective job. Your love for each other will emblemize love for other souls in this life space. Your energetic connection is so strong it transcends time, space and mass consciousness knows your story. And now this story continues to be written. This is a story that every consciousness knows – it is written into the lives of all Leone everywhere though most will never know it.

TéO what does this mean for us in practical terms?

You love her: you feel her: she is your best friend- your sister and you are given each other to live out this lifetime to finish the work you started before. She is love, you are hope: both are needed for the protection and healing of the world, your world.

The rest will come in due time.

Published by Niki Chopra Richardson

TéO is my name for God. But it is also interchangeable with my my guardian angels who send me messages, answer my questions and often take over my writing. This explains italics, pull quotes, headers and tense person changes. I’ve attempted to differentiate Their thoughts and words from mine. Learning to Let Go and Let Go(d). Trusting Surrender.

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