TéO, I met someone yesterday. Meeting her was like getting splashed with cold water when you don’t expect to…it’s refreshing, but in a jarring sort of way. Why is she here?

She is a mirror for people she encounters. A conduit for them to find their way back to themselves. She must first recognize that there is no wrong way. There is just the way. Every thought, action and motion is closely orchestrated to bring her closer into alignment. She needs to recognize them as such and trust that every person is there to show her herself. The people she is put in front of are there to help her get closer to herself. There is no wrong. She is a conduit to show people their right by birth.

Stay grounded H.M., practice quiet patient listening, listen for the pauses between the noise.

Your role is to help polish the diamond in the rough. She is you when you first found yourself.

Published by Niki Chopra Richardson

TéO is my name for God. But it is also interchangeable with my my guardian angels who send me messages, answer my questions and often take over my writing. This explains italics, pull quotes, headers and tense person changes. I’ve attempted to differentiate Their thoughts and words from mine. Learning to Let Go and Let Go(d). Trusting Surrender.

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