Love Your Body

Find your place.

Hold your space in the world.


Be kind.

To yourself especially.

Be slow when your body needs you to be. Not because you can’t power through, but because that’s what listening is about.

You can overrule the messages from your body. You can run rough shod all over it.

And it, like the faithful vessel that it is will absorb the shock of impact over and over again like a strong vehicle.

Until it doesn’t and then the built up impact of the repeated shocks will knock you off for months at a time.

Dis-ease is a way for your body to catch your attention and focus you on IT, if you fail to do it the other way.

So learn to be acutely aware of your body. It is not a distraction from your work you must do in the world. It is your equal partner. It’s like trying to cook with a hand tied behind your back. You can do a fairly good job, but it’s not your best work. After all it is the vessel through which the work gets done.

Much like you would care for your car after a long road trip– you would wash and detail it and do some regular maintenance on it. So too must you care for your body with love and respect, the vehicle by which you do your work in this lifetime.

Sit quietly for a few minutes and deepen your breathing. Do a mental body scan from head to toe. Be kind to the parts that draw your attention to them through aches and pains. Give a mental kiss, send love, express compassion and wish it well like you would a dear sick friend. Promise to check back on it soon and be tender with it like you would your sick child.

Mantra: I love my body with all my heart. I am Divinely created and I am perfect just the way I am.

Published by Niki Chopra Richardson

TéO is my name for God. But it is also interchangeable with my my guardian angels who send me messages, answer my questions and often take over my writing. This explains italics, pull quotes, headers and tense person changes. I’ve attempted to differentiate Their thoughts and words from mine. Learning to Let Go and Let Go(d). Trusting Surrender.

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