Yahweh – Your Way

Yahweh is a reminder for you that it is My Way. That you are who and how you are because I created you to be this way. You are my perfection, my masterpiece creation. Yahweh is to remind you that I do not create anything but perfection. When you criticize yourself, or self deprecate, or put yourself down, my heart hurts. You are saying that you don’t see my creation as I see you. Perfection in every way.


We human beings have decided that we are the authority on perfection. Social media makes it so that unless you are flawless, filtered and touched up, you cannot be perfect.

But what of the inside?

Why is no one looking at the inside?

Who decided what the standards of beauty or perfection should be?

How did we hand over authority to someone outside of ourselves?

How is it that we judge ourselves so poorly?

We would never speak to our kids the way we speak to and about ourselves?

Why is it ok?

Why are we so comfortable about using the word of God in vain?

I Am stupid.

I AM sick.

I AM not good and such and thus.

I Am is the word of God – two of the most powerful words in the Universe.

What if we only ever followed them by positive affirmative words?

I Am Happy
I Am Joyful
I Am Abundant
I Am perfect just the way I am

If you must describe how you feel, how about ‘I feel sick?’

I Am sick describes a state of being.

I Am sad says this is your being. I feel sad is a temporary perfectly human emotion.

If God made us, then how can we be anything but exactly what he envisioned.

If, in this lifetime, I had what we humans consider a dis’ability’ or other ability, it is because He has a plan – He wants me to learn something in this lifetime that can only be learned in the absence of certain abilities or in the presence of other abilities.

However from the human lens, it is considered less than whole.

We strive to have our senses sharp and our abilities even sharper so that we can succeed by our standards, but in doing so, we often forget to allow God to work through us, to see what plan He has for us, and what wants to unfold in His time, not our time.

This is not to absolve responsibility for our lives, this is to work in tandem with God, rather it is a suggestion to find flow, to create a pace aligned with the Divine, to keep priorities in order –

In that order.

It is when we work ourselves to exhaustion, when we burn ourselves out in the pursuit of success, when we believe there can be no other way that we lose the way. That we forget to walk with God. We believe we know it all, can do it all and must go it alone. We believe we have to sacrifice, to suffer and to pay our dues before we can see fruits of our labor.

What if we did all that, but with a heart that truly believe that God was putting us through the paces?

What if that was happening FOR us, and not TO us.

What if we looked forward to the hardships, or at least acknowledged it as God’s work, instead of feeling lost, alone and helpless?

Our paths are pre-determined.

We can change them to the extent that we can resist and exert free will, but eventually the experiences that we are meant to have in this lifetime will happen upon us one way or the other.

Losing a loved one is never easy, but we cling because of human emotion. In the throes of grief we lose sight that even this is God’s Will. If in that moment, we would be able to truly remember His Plan is unfolding and that death too is a part of the plan, not the end of the plan, perhaps grief would be easier to bear.

As humans we are meant to feel emotions, it is part of our rite of passage in this lifetime to have the human experience and go through the entire spectrum of emotions. However it becomes a problem when we get stuck in an emotion or an emotion is stuck in us. Much like something that is lodged in your throat, a stuck emotion can cause damage if it is not dislodged.

Emotions are simply energy in motion…e-motion. Feeling emotions and allowing them to flow through you is normal. Stuck emotions or stuck energy is what cause stress, trauma, disease and illness both physical and mental.

And it all comes back for us to remember that we are of God, from God one with God. WE can choose to live a human life or a God-given life. Because after all, one of God’s names is Yahweh – and when we say it, it sounds to our ears as ‘Your Way.’

Your Way God. Always and in all ways. I surrender myself, my love and my spirit to be guided by you because as my Holy Father and my Creator, You know me better than I know myself. There is no one who knows me quite like you do. So unlike a stubborn child who refuses to listen, I am listening God. I am all ears, all eyes and all senses attuned to you. I love you God, I love you like I love life. This life that you have me living is a Go(o)d one.

Thank you God, it is in your name I pray.

Published by Niki Chopra Richardson

TéO is my name for God. But it is also interchangeable with my my guardian angels who send me messages, answer my questions and often take over my writing. This explains italics, pull quotes, headers and tense person changes. I’ve attempted to differentiate Their thoughts and words from mine. Learning to Let Go and Let Go(d). Trusting Surrender.

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