For Now, Rest. 

Ah yes, we see and feel your conflict. You’re right, this is you stepping outside your comfort zone. This is you surrendering and trusting that it’s happening the way it’s meant to. This is you trusting deeply, that your way, your very different way is blazing a trail for others who don’t want to beContinue reading “For Now, Rest. “

God Thinks You’re Perfect

I don’t think I’ve ever been so connected and in flow for any job the way I am feeling about this one. It’s an extraordinary feeling. I don’t feel like I work. I feel like I’m fulfilling a calling at the moment. That I’m here exactly because I’m meant to. It’s very different from anythingContinue reading “God Thinks You’re Perfect”

Who I Truly Am

Trusting that the words I say, the actions I take and the decisions I make are God’s will is so powerful. It’s not that He is outside of me, or that I have to access Him by doing something. He is just me. I am Him.  I’m not channeling Him, I AM the God self. Continue reading “Who I Truly Am”