For Now, Rest. 

Ah yes, we see and feel your conflict. You’re right, this is you stepping outside your comfort zone. This is you surrendering and trusting that it’s happening the way it’s meant to. This is you trusting deeply, that your way, your very different way is blazing a trail for others who don’t want to be in adrenaline overload all the time because that invites sickness and disease. You are sleeping so much because your body is transforming and transfiguring. This is what happens in Death. The long sleep for the soul to program for the next iteration. We see the automaticity taking effect. We see you correcting your personal will thoughts; trusting and surrendering. We feel your struggle, we hear you feeling like you’re not doing enough–you’re guided, you’re following, you’re listening, you’re feeling. We know this is different for you, we know you are resisting, we know you feel like you need to do more. You will. But for now– rest! 

Published by Niki Chopra Richardson

TéO is my name for God. But it is also interchangeable with my my guardian angels who send me messages, answer my questions and often take over my writing. This explains italics, pull quotes, headers and tense person changes. I’ve attempted to differentiate Their thoughts and words from mine. Learning to Let Go and Let Go(d). Trusting Surrender.

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