When you tell me that you love me

I wanna call the stars Down from the sky I wanna live a day That never dies I wanna change the world Only for you All the impossible I wanna do I wanna hold you close Under the rain I wanna kiss your smile And feel the pain I know what’s beautiful Looking at youContinue reading “When you tell me that you love me”


Wherever I am, they are In everything I think and everything I say, they’re reflected. They’re here to help me keep my promise to me. The one I made to myself as I slid into this life form, this body wrapper, this time space reality. They are kind, and generous and Divine. They talk toContinue reading “TéO”

Questions for TéO

I realize that I never want to disconnect from this feeling of well being. And since TéO has been speaking through me, by taking over my writing everytime I journal, I thought I would use this to see if they would answer questions. I wrote a question and then poised my pen over the paperContinue reading “Questions for TéO”

Making contact for the first time

Every morning I start the day by setting a timer for 15 minutes and I begin to meditate. What that means is that I sit in a comfortable position and start to focus on my breath. I count my breaths and start to take deeper ones. The meditation itself may or may not be eventful.Continue reading “Making contact for the first time”