When you tell me that you love me

I wanna call the stars Down from the sky I wanna live a day That never dies I wanna change the world Only for you All the impossible I wanna do I wanna hold you close Under the rain I wanna kiss your smile And feel the pain I know what’s beautiful Looking at youContinue reading “When you tell me that you love me”

A Rent In The Fabric

I have these words in my head…”there’s a rent in the fabric…i can see through…” what does this mean TéO? TéO: remember all is for your wellbeing. Things happen for you, not to you. When you are complete accepting of this; when you recognize this as a surety, you are able to easily start toContinue reading “A Rent In The Fabric”

Your Physical Self

To fully express as a spiritual being requires a love and appreciation for your physical form. Your purpose is to help people care for this physical form so that they can manifest their full destiny- because the physical form is how they can express their God self in this life and it is the physical vessel that is the vehicle to evolution and growth in the next life.

Surrender the Ego

I am realizing I need to surrender the ego completely. I trust that every interaction is a direct message from God. These communications are now coming to you from all sources; and look like disagreements with your partner, your co-workers, your parents. They look like discussions of harmony, discontent or love. Your awareness of yourContinue reading “Surrender the Ego”

Ask Us How. 

For a couple of days I’ve had this feeling that I’m not as intimately connected to Source. But my dear love, you are as intimately connected and more. You continue to draw from us, rely on us, lean on us and acknowledge us. So while you may not actively think about us, we’ve entered yourContinue reading “Ask Us How. ”

All That You Need Is Within

Today I gave myself the gift of sleep. I gave myself permission to sleep more. I felt like I needed it. These obligations and rules that you impose on yourself — if it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. Run because you want to, not because you have a sense of obligation to run. IfContinue reading “All That You Need Is Within”

Divine Appointment 

I can’t believe that I saw Lisa at school today after nearly a year. I had this feeling of love that came over me when I saw her. It was Divinely orchestrated. You helped me by keeping her away when her life was chaotic and we’ve brought her to you at a time when she’sContinue reading “Divine Appointment “