Surrender the Ego

I am realizing I need to surrender the ego completely. I trust that every interaction is a direct message from God. These communications are now coming to you from all sources; and look like disagreements with your partner, your co-workers, your parents. They look like discussions of harmony, discontent or love. Your awareness of yourContinue reading “Surrender the Ego”


As to your father, trust that in the silence things will unfold. We are pleased that you followed our instructions and brought yourself back to us so quickly. Apologizing and loving him showered back to you love from your mother in the most unexpected way. You understand that she showers you this way becxuzd thatContinue reading “Family”

Money and my relationship with my partner 

TéO is never far from my consciousness now. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I find myself just saying their name, and then falling back to sleep. This weekend I found myself wanting to talk to them without the medium of a journal..and so I did…it was interesting; I would sayContinue reading “Money and my relationship with my partner “