Money and my relationship with my partner 

TéO is never far from my consciousness now. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I find myself just saying their name, and then falling back to sleep. This weekend I found myself wanting to talk to them without the medium of a journal..and so I did…it was interesting; I would sayContinue reading “Money and my relationship with my partner “

Manifesting my desires

Lately I have had this sense of really being mindful and self aware of my thoughts and I immediately counter them now. I realize how many thoughts I was having that were contradictory to my true desires. I’ve been sending mixed signals to Source for a while now. This is energy and now my dearContinue reading “Manifesting my desires”

Making contact for the first time

Every morning I start the day by setting a timer for 15 minutes and I begin to meditate. What that means is that I sit in a comfortable position and start to focus on my breath. I count my breaths and start to take deeper ones. The meditation itself may or may not be eventful.Continue reading “Making contact for the first time”

Who’s TéO

I’ve long since wanted to be able to meet my guides. Ever since I went to a psychic and learned that we all have these spiritual non physical beings who are watching over their kind…us. They’re kind, gentle, forthcoming and want nothing more than to help us connect our lives to flow. The flow thatContinue reading “Who’s TéO”

Thought Vibrations

Journal entry: 8/19/16 What came up this evening was a deep realization about why money has eluded me. I’m giving mixed signals to the Universe. I recognize that I want it, but then I am thinking lack, which weakens the vibration. The key is to be in gratitude for every penny you receive. The moneyContinue reading “Thought Vibrations”