Manifesting my desires

Lately I have had this sense of really being mindful and self aware of my thoughts and I immediately counter them now. I realize how many thoughts I was having that were contradictory to my true desires. I’ve been sending mixed signals to Source for a while now. This is energy and now my dearContinue reading “Manifesting my desires”

Making contact for the first time

Every morning I start the day by setting a timer for 15 minutes and I begin to meditate. What that means is that I sit in a comfortable position and start to focus on my breath. I count my breaths and start to take deeper ones. The meditation itself may or may not be eventful.Continue reading “Making contact for the first time”

Thought Vibrations

Journal entry: 8/19/16 What came up this evening was a deep realization about why money has eluded me. I’m giving mixed signals to the Universe. I recognize that I want it, but then I am thinking lack, which weakens the vibration. The key is to be in gratitude for every penny you receive. The moneyContinue reading “Thought Vibrations”