The Only Way Is Through

Yesterday I was sitting at a restaurant with a colleague and across from me was this little bundle of love aged 6 months. She had the most extraordinary face and smile. She kept catching my attention with her smile and smiled at me so much and so broadly that her mother and her friend lookedContinue reading “The Only Way Is Through”

On Waking Up Early

There is something special about being awake really early. I feel one with the Universe when I go for a walk or a run. Consciousness of life hasn’t yet kicked in and it’s the sort of suspended space where you’re awake yet your mind is more or less still blank and more receptive to creativeContinue reading “On Waking Up Early”

Let God In

Sitting today for meditation outside in my backyard is so extraordinary. The hummingbird buzzing around, a clear representation of God’s perfection in creation. They don’t flaunt or work at this perfection, they just be what they be- and they’re perfect. So then if that is a truth why is it that human beings feel theContinue reading “Let God In”