Svadhyaya – Self-Study

Self-awareness is the first step toward freedom from the chains of the ego. The ego’s job is to identify self but it takes over and tries to control the Self; to make everything about you. It is why instead of feeling emotions you take ownership of emotions. So instead of ‘I feel sad,’ or ‘IContinue reading “Svadhyaya – Self-Study”

Saucha – Purity

Saucha or Purity is a deep inner cleansing – like taking a bottle brush to your mind and getting all the gunk that is stuck in the little nooks and crannies out. And like any detox it will manifest in different ways; physically, emotionally and mentally. The key is to sit with the emotions, allowContinue reading “Saucha – Purity”

Ahimsa – Non violence

In reading the book The Yamas and Niyamas by Deborah Adele as a part of The Unity Study, I am struck by just how much this ancient practice of yoga applies to our modern life, and how something so old can be so easily relatable and applicable to our current lives. The first yama, AhimsaContinue reading “Ahimsa – Non violence”