Music is formed not just with continuous notes. It is often the rest between notes that makes it more dramatic or memorable. Meditation isthe pause  between thoughts, sleep is the pause for your body, breathing is the pause that enables you to access creativity and information. You can access all that you need to accessContinue reading “Pause”


Spiritual progress often leads one to form judgment on those who may not be as far along on their journey. This immediately drops your own vibration, knocking you temporarily off the path. In encounters with people, in conversations with those who either aren’t awakened or don’t believe– simply send love. Don’t try and convert them,Continue reading “Judgement”

Christmas message

It’s Christmas morning – Jesus was born this day to offer hope to the masses to show them what miracles and belief made possible. His birth is not unlike anyone else’s birth- that was his path, his destiny and he simply listened to his quiet voice- to God’s voice – that guided him. Your job isContinue reading “Christmas message”

And Then Life Will Flow

Be patient and stay in surrender. The time isn’t ready yet for you to build big. Yes we know you feel like you’re not ‘doing’ and it’s this mindset that you must break out of. Trusting us, trusting God, that as long as you can stay at peace and in trust then what needs toContinue reading “And Then Life Will Flow”